Do you have bankruptcies, unpaid student loans, late payments, tax liens, collection accounts, etc.????

Get a head start even before you begin the credit repair process.  Do these things right away and use a legitimate credit repair program and your credit scores can rebound superfast!  Use one or both of the techniques listed below:

Ask your parents, spouse or friend with good credit if they are willing to add you as an “authorized userto one of their credit cards. Be responsible and let them know that if they add you as an “authorized user” they can keep the card so that there is no chance you can use it.  Their good credit history on that account will now start showing on your credit reports as “YOUR” good credit! This is a good deal for both parties.  If they agree, you will start rebuilding your credit as long as the account stays in good standing, no matter who is charging and paying; you’ll reap the benefits!

I also recommend that you explore getting a secured or unsecured credit card. A secured card requires that you deposit some money upfront, which the card issuer will use as collateral in case you miss payments. Just make sure that the secured card issuer reports all payment activity to the credit bureaus. Then charge small items and pay the entire balance back every month before the end of the billing cycle so that a zero balance is reported to the credit bureaus.  You may be surprised to find that you may qualify for a low limit unsecured card.  To find out what you might qualify for click here or check out “links” at