I have been helping people manage their finances for the past 35 years. A lot of things have changed during the past three-and-a-half decades. Four American presidents have come and gone. Technology has made our lives easier. The economy has become more quirky. And amid this whirlwind of change there is one thing that has not changed;

“Richard, why should I bother about your credit repair solutions?” Or, “Why is it important to raise my credit scores?” People were asking these questions in 1980s and they are still asking these questions in 2014.

Why raise credit scores? and how!

When someone asks me today why it is important to raise your credit scores, my response usually is to ask them what their take is on having more than $8 million in their pockets when they retire.

I have already made a video on how it is possible for an average American household save $8,209,000 during their working careers, just by improving their credit scores from average or good to excellent.

Take a few minutes and watch the video, it could change your life forever!

Unless you have already made it big, the purchase of a house or a car is impossible without credit. Excellent credit scores allow you get a loan at low interest rates. Favourable interest rates amount to lower monthly payments and more savings.

In the same vein, excellent credit scores keep your credit card interest rates near to zero. In comparison, you can end up paying 23.9 percent, or even 35.9 percent, on credit card purchases if you have just average credit scores.

Good credit scores save you money. The savings are $ larger than what you would expect$8,209,000 for the average American household working to retirement age.  Wouldn’t you like to retire with an extra $8 mil in the bank?

How is it possible? Watch the video to find out!